Venice 7- 8 – 9 June 2007
Laboratorio Occupato Morion
curated by Marco Baravalle & Pai Dusi

“please make some noise!”

Challengers is a transgender zone: it gathers artists, critics, curators, urban planners, architects and researchers; active carriers of critical instances. Individuals or collectives. Authors and postauthors. Agents of reversal. Simulators. Hackers and saboteurs. Challengers.
All of them have in common a critical spirit, the necessity of sharing, an antagonist perspective and rizhomatic desire.

Challengers is a liminal zone; for those who, by choice or necessity, work in the underground of institutional massmediatic communication. In the shadows, in those intersticed spaces where interrogation still has the power to problematize. Where every definition scheme is made unstable. A zone for those who work at the foundations of Discourse. Showing its cracks. Undermining its foundations.

Challengers is an open-structure meeting made of presentations, encounters and exchanges: it wants to reason as a cluster of possible communications, putting thoughts of difference in the net. A forge of subjectivity. Place of transformations and place in transformation.

Challengers is a Temporary Autonomous Zone (T.A.Z.): it’s not interested in presenting itself as an anti-biennale, but its aim is to use the kermesse as a pretext for accelleration, for a gathering of forces, for the expression of urgencies.

Challengers lives in the place it inhabits and inhabits the path in which is inserted: a path made of squatting, conflicts and autonomy.

Challengers happens in the context of Laboratorio Morion, an occupied space in the heart of the historical city of Venice (a few steps away from the Arsenale and the Giardini della Biennale). A city in which even the forms of alienation seem behind the times, where the social relations are really mediated by the spectacular image of the city-museum. A magic place in which everything (arts, beauty, love) seems to be permitted, Laboratorio Morion fights to reaffirm the right to a possible that is negated everyday.
Challengers, like the Biennale opening, happens contemporaneously to the mobilizations against the G8 in Rostock. During those days, other than art discourses, Laboratorio Morion will work as an amplifier for the anti-summit actions and through Sherwood Radio it will connect the city with Germany.

Challengers can become other.