Friday 08.06.2007 starting from 8pm:

Squat Space

SquatSpace was born from the energy of artists and activists of the Broadway Squats.
The organisers cleared out an old locksmith shop and launched a dynamic art and event space in December 2000. The gallery played host to political film screenings, free dinners, durational performances, experimental sound nights, site-specific installations…
SquatSpace opposed the standard “pay-as-you-show” system used by many high-rent artist-run-galleries in Sydney. Exhibiting was free, with artists usually becoming involved in the life of the squatting community in some way.


Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) is a dynamic community, cultural, information technology and arts organisation working across the Greater Western Sydney region in New South Wales, Australia.
ICE manages SWITCH, Western Sydney’s state-of-the-art multimedia and digital arts access centre. ICE produces the critical publication and online resource Artfiles, the Arts Directory for Western Sydney. ICE has expertise and success in developing new media, Community Cultural Development, professional development and arts programs that access thousands of individuals, artists and communities annually. ICE also works with community groups, governments and local infrastructures such as libraries on innovative programs aimed at broadening community access and capacity in information and communications technology (ICT) in order to bridge the digital divide.

Morrihno project

Situated in the Vila Pereira da Silva community, also known as Pereirão, the Morrinho NGO intends to formulate and develop the 3 projects that they already run in a proffessional manner to be able to compete in a market that is becoming more and more globalized. They also intend to offer in the future a program to attend to young people and adolescents of this community giving them workshops about audiovisual, art education etc. This, in turn, will directly contribute to the socail and economical development of this region and surrounding area.

Pirate Party (lecture + video conference from Wien)

The Pirate Party wants to fundamentally reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system, and ensure that citizens’ rights to privacy are respected. With this agenda, and only this, we are making a bid for representation in the Swedish parliament in the upcoming national elections in September.

Not only do we think these are worthwhile goals. We also believe they are realistically achievable on a European basis. The sentiments that led to the formation of the Pirate Party in Sweden are present throughout Europe. There are already similar political initiatives under way in several other member states. Together, we will be able to set a new course for a Europe that is currently heading in a very dangerous direction.

slum Tv (video conference from Nairobi)

SLUM-TV wants to documents the lives of the people in the slum and to reevaluate these lives through the camera. A camera always attracts attention. Our partners from the slum film and document the life in Mathare. The small movies are then shown in public places in Mathare, like a newsreel. In Mathare, there exist a variety of self-established cinemas. Mostly American and African films and European football is shown there.


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