Bis project (lecture)

B.I.S. is an indipendent, research media collective that has started its activity at Goldsmiths College, London with a project on the Mediterranean Sea.

B.I.S. has been launched with a series of exhibitions and talks in London, New York City, Melbourne and Venice between summer and autumn 2006.

In 2007 BiS will present a new project – Leaving Room – in Valencia, Venice and London


salottobuono (lecture)

Autotransfusion: from Enclosure to Phantom Limb, to Enclosure again.
Salottobuono will lead you in a little journey through the recent history and the contemporary paranoia about home security. Analyzing the connections between the military and the civilian paradigms, we’ll try to document two different kinds of autotransfusion: on the big, territorial scale, with an attempt to investigate the identity of a dismissed military zone in Pula (Croatia), and, on the microphysical scale, with an overview over the design of some brand new paramilitary products.


Tatiana Bazzichelli

AHA: The Art of Networking

The main concepts of AHA Project are Activism: political activism, Hacking: technological activism, Artivism: artistic activism.

Artistic activism means any kind of free non-copyright creativity, to promote the idea of horizontal use of media, to stimulate real experimentation on expressive language without any censorship or hierarchy.

Since 2001, Activism-Hacking-Artivism Project follows a collective path, as result of an Italian movement that from the beginning of the Eighties struggles for an independent and self-managed use of mass-media (video, computer, radio and written text). Today more than ever, this movement is demonstrating to be one of the most valid alternatives to official information in Italy.


Marko Stamenkovic: art-e-conomy selected

His research interests vary from interdisciplinary analyses of contemporary visual arts and art theory to curatorial studies, art management, and aesthetic dimensions of global economic and political transformations. His current activity revolves around the issue of contemporary art curatorship, focusing on themes such as: the status of curatorial practices in the post-socialist condition, cultural implications of EU enlargement, methodologies in terms of organizing exhibitions in the context of globalization, critical positioning within the global sphere of art production, and discursive projects dealing explicitly with political, social, and economic features of contemporary art and art system.


selected video: (more on page)

Carlos Motta (NY)
Mark Brogan (Belgrade/London)
Sylvain Froidevaux (Geneva)
Cicero Egli (Geneva)
Julia Kläring & Nils Olger (Vienna)

+ VIRTUAL WALLPAPERS :: CCC – Critical Curatorial Cybermedia , Geneva


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