Program (in progress) june 7th-8th-9th : from 7pm

Thursday :

B.I.S. project (lecture)
salottobuono (lecture)
Tatiana Bazzichelli – AHA (video conference from Berlin)
Marko Stamenkovic (art-e-conomy selected video)


Squat Place
Morrihno project
Pirate Party (lecture + video conference from Wien)
Slum Tv (video conference from Nairobi)


Lucrezia Cippitelli – Alamar project (video conference from USA)
Center for Tactical Magic (video conference from USA)
Nero Magazine: Champions League + dj set Carsten Nicolai + Julieta Aranda + Nicola Pecoraro (Rombi)


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  1. […] programa para estos días incluye múltiples videoconferencias con distintos puntos del planeta y charlas […]

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